Almost all parents require their children to buckle up when they get into the car. This is a good safety habit to follow, but parents also need to alert their children to a very important safety point when it comes to proper seat belt usage. They need to warn them that playing with the seat belt can lead to injury or possibly death.

Seat belts have a locking feature that engages when they are pulled out all the way. Once this happens, there isn’t a way to loosen the seat belt until it goes all the way back into the retractor. This won’t pose a problem to many children, but there’s a chance that it will get caught around the child’s neck, which could result in the child being strangled.

If the seat belt locking feature engages and the belt is around the child’s neck, the only way to get it off is likely going to be cutting the seat belt. There are rare cases in which you could unbuckle the seat belt, but some parents have found that it is far too tight to do this.

Even if the seat belt is not around the child’s neck, it can still cause problems. As the seat belt tightens, there is a chance that the waist strap will become too tight on the abdomen and injure the child. The shoulder belt may put too much pressure on the chest.

If you’re in a crash with your child, there’s a chance that the locked seat belt is too tight around the child. If the crash was the fault of a negligent driver, you might opt to pursue a compensation claim against that driver and any other parties that might share the liability