Workers who suffer injuries at work shouldn’t be held responsible for the medical care and other costs associated with their injuries. Workers’ compensation insurance is a tool that employers use to help protect them from the costs of these incidents. These workers’ comp policies cover the costs related to the injuries so that the employer doesn’t have to pay for them.

Some employees don’t fully understand what types of injuries are compensable under the workers’ compensation coverage. In short, any injury that occurs while a person is doing their work duties is covered. This is why it’s critically important for employees to report accidents as soon as they happen. This makes it possible for them to tie their accident to the injuries they suffered.

The coverage for work-related injuries has a wide berth. If you’re at a work function, such as a dinner with clients, you have coverage if you’re injured. The key here is that it has to occur while you’re doing things for the company.

The exception to this is if you’re on your break and still on company property. You may qualify for workers’ compensation if you’re injured during that break because you’re still on company property.

Work-related illnesses are also compensable under workers’ compensation. These must be tied to the conditions of your work. It’s also possible that medical issues that you already had and get worse because of the work conditions.

Employees who need to receive their workers’ compensation benefits might encounter difficulty with an employer and/or the insurer. Working with an attorney who’s familiar with these types of cases is beneficial.