A severe personal injury can affect a victim’s life in so many ways. First, there is the injury itself, which often means a long and difficult recovery. Second, most injury victims must take time off from their jobs, which can mean significant financial hardships in addition to costly medical bills. Third, many victims continue to suffer physical and psychological aftereffects for some time after the incident.

In our time serving injured California residents, we have learned that car accident victims do not just want compensation—they need it to go on with their lives. Unfortunately, many personal injury victims do not know what to do to acquire the maximum amount of compensation they deserve.

Our attorneys want to help you make the right choices so that you can return to your life in the best financial condition. As such, we want to tell you about three ways you can seek and acquire the compensation you need:

  • Insurance claims: The first path many accident survivors take is filing the appropriate insurance claims. This is wise, but in some situations, insurance payouts may not yield enough remuneration to cover all your needs.
  • Personal injury lawsuit: A second option that often results in financial recovery is pursuing a lawsuit against the other motorist involved in the crash. This applies when negligence (drunk driving, distracted driving, etc.) plays a role in your accident.
  • Consider both options: Because California is a no-fault insurance state, you may be able to acquire insurance payments and file an injury lawsuit as well. When applicable, this option often provides victims with the most compensation.

We know you have many questions and concerns about your injury and your legal options. We welcome any queries about your case you wish to send our attorneys. In the meantime, continue browsing our website for more information.