You knew that you were in trouble when you saw a semi heading toward you in your lane. You tried to maneuver out of the way, but you weren’t able to get far before the impact.

The driver never looked up the entire time he was headed toward you, and that is the one image that keeps replaying in your head. They must have been sleeping or distracted, but regardless of the cause, you’ve now been left with serious injuries as a result.

Of those injuries you suffered, the worst were the injuries to your lungs. Collapsed lungs are not uncommon after crashes. In your case, one of your ribs was broken and pierced your lung, leading to a pneumothorax. Fortunately, only one of your lungs was affected, and the medical team was able to stabilize you.

Still, a collapsed lung has some potentially serious side effects. At first, you may have noticed chest pain or shoulder pain with a dry cough. In a serious case, someone with a collapsed lung could go into shock. 

Collapsed lungs can be caused by trauma to the chest cavity caused by the airbag impacting your chest, a direct impact from an incoming vehicle or from penetrating trauma. This injury can be life-threatening, so it’s important to seek medical care immediately. 

Some collapsed lungs heal on their own. Others may require surgery or other medical interventions. The recovery time varies, but it’s essential that you stick to the treatment plan that your medical team creates for you.

If you’re hurt in a crash like this and suffer from a collapsed lung, you deserve support. Our website has more on the steps to take to make a claim.