As a worker on a construction crew, you expect your coworkers to take the right steps to keep your crew safe. You all trained together and know the steps that are necessary to create a safe and healthy work environment. The same cannot be said about the third-party subcontractors on your site.

Last week, you saw one of the workers driving a forklift quickly through an area teeming with construction workers. You told your employer about the other worker’s actions, but they didn’t do anything to stop the same kind of incident from happening again. That’s why you weren’t surprised when the same person collided with the scaffolding upon which you and two other coworkers were standing and knocked you to the ground.

You suffered a head injury as a result, and it may take many months before you can even consider returning to work. This is a serious problem that should have never happened.

When a third-party subcontractor injured you at work, you may be in the position to file a third-party claim against them. On top of being able to seek workers’ compensation as an employee at the worksite, your third-party claim could be used to hold the negligent worker responsible for their actions. After all, if they had been following the necessary safety procedures, this would never have happened to you.

Your injuries and the pain and suffering you’ve been through should not be ignored. Our website has more information on making third-party claims against negligent or reckless subcontractors. Navigating this kind of claim could be complex, but you deserve the financial support that your claim could generate.