The work day started like any other day. You were at your job site working on a new project. You had your personal protective equipment on, and you were helping a new coworker get fitted on the lot.

No one could have predicted that today would be the day when you’d be hurt by another coworker’s mistake. They had been using equipment above you, and as you walked back out to where you were working, they dropped a hammer that hit you on the head. Though you were wearing your hardhat, your coworker yelling to watch out made you look up.

You suffered a significant blow to the forehead and had to be rushed to the emergency room. Doctors immediately performed surgery to start repairing damage and reduce the pressure on your brain. Nevertheless, it will be a long recovery.

In cases like yours, it’s important to understand how workers are impacted by the mistakes made in workplaces. Falling items do harm to many people every year, so your employer should make an effort to reduce the risk of an accident like this from happening. The correct belt attachments and tethers could have kept that hammer from ever falling far enough to strike you.

After a dangerous injury like yours, you may need several months of recovery. At that point, you might find that you cannot return to work or that you have been impacted more significantly than you imagined. Workers’ compensation should be there to cover your medical needs as well as your financial losses so you can focus on taking care of yourself and recuperating.