Defensive driving starts with understanding your risks on the road. Once you know how car accidents happen — they’re far from random, despite the way people sometimes treat them — you can often do much more to prevent them. You can be wary, look for red flags and avoid dangerous drivers.

So, how do these accidents take place? A few of the main reasons include:

  • Drivers get distracted behind the wheel. Distractions include things like eating, talking to children, texting and adjusting systems within the car.
  • Drivers lack experience and make mistakes. This is often the case with teen drivers, and the problem is that the only real way for them to get experience is to allow them to drive.
  • Drivers act recklessly and break the speed limit. In many cases, people do not realize just how reckless they are until they cause an accident and start to reconsider all of their choices.
  • Drivers still get into the car even though they have been drinking. Often, drunk drivers worry more about getting arrested than crashing, so they think they’ll chance it and watch out for police cars, only to hit someone else.
  • Drivers crash due to mechanical errors, like failed power steering or a blown tire. In these cases, it’s often because they neglected to take care of the car in the first place.

Have you gotten injured in an accident? Even knowing the causes can’t help you avoid them all. Make sure you know if you have a right to compensation. An experienced attorney can help you learn how to seek compensation through civil court.