In California, workers who are injured are usually covered under their employer’s workers’ compensation coverage. This program enables workers who are involved in accidents and those who suffer work-related injuries to receive the medical care they need. It also includes benefits for some workers who are unable to return to work right away (or at all).

There are several points about workers’ compensation that you should know in case you have to deal with the process. Making sure you comply with the requirements can help you to boost your likelihood of receiving the benefits you need after your injury. Most importantly, you need to remember to file a timely claim:

  • When you’re injured, you have 30 days to notify your employer. Within one day of that notification, you should receive a claim form. They also need to authorize you to receive covered medical care of up to $10,000 within that one-day period.
  • You then have one year to file your claim for workers’ compensation. If the claim isn’t denied within 90 days, it is presumed that your injury is covered. It is imperative that you keep detailed records of specific dates related to the accident.

Workers’ compensation in California has many benefits that might help you. On top of medical care benefits and partial wage replacement, it’s possible to go through retraining if you can’t return to your previous job duties because of the injury. 

There are instances in which a workers’ compensation claim isn’t handled properly. If you don’t feel you got the benefits you’re due, you have the option of appealing. This is a complex undertaking that may be a bit easier for you to overcome if you work with someone who is familiar with the applicable laws in California.