Spinal cord injuries are serious matters that must be addressed swiftly. In the past, medical professionals thought that an injured spinal cord needed to rest before any treatments were started. It is now known that early care is actually more beneficial for the victims of these kinds of injuries. 

One of the most important things for medical care teams to do is to stabilize the patient in the initial medical encounter. This can help to ensure that the body is functioning as optimally as possible in a time when there might be many changes. For example, a higher cervical injury could lead to trouble breathing, so the patient might be placed on a ventilator right away.

Another focus of the immediate care is protecting the spinal cord. Spinal shock, which is common in the early days of an injury, can lead to more devastation at the injury site. Treatment focuses on trying to minimize the inflammation and reduce the damage that comes from the body’s natural reaction to the injury. 

When spinal shock is occurring, the consequences of your injury might be worse than what you’ll deal with for the remainder of your life. Medical teams usually start at least some measure of therapy in these early days. That’s very important to your overall recovery. Starting quickly is associated with better outcomes and increased functioning in many spinal injury cases.

The care you’re going to need is likely going to be costly. There isn’t any reason why you should have to cover this yourself if someone else caused your accident. Instead, you may opt to seek compensation from the party that caused your accident. This can shift the financial responsibility to them — instead of you.